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butterstuff massgrow


Try an 1/8th(3.5g) for $30, or get AN OUNCE (28g)for only $140


Mix & Match Pre Rolls!

Mix and Match 1g Pre Rolls

Under 26% 5 for $40

Over 26% 5 for $50

Tons of different strains available!


Kief- 40%+TAC, $15, a gram?! Yeah, we did! Perfect way to "spice" it up!!

Need an extra boost?Add a little kief to your favorite flower…

$15 for a full gram of top tier kief! Stop by and visit us in store to check the incredible strains we have available!

1/$50 or 2/$80!?!-1g Distillate Carts available now!

Almost sold out! Visit us in store ASAP to get in on the deal – We can’t wait to see you!


Specials on 3.5g and 7g selections everyday! BUILD YOUR OWN OUNCE for $210!

Visit us in store to Build-Your-Own-Ounce (Choose four different 7g or 8 different 3.5g) for as low as $140!

That’s cheaper than med!

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