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Not only do we have the best deals,

“We are the best joint in town”

Christmas Eve 8am-6pm

Christmas Day CLOSED

New Years Eve 9am-9pm

New Years Day 12pm-10pm


Last Call is at 9:45 PM



3.5g For $25 (1)

Chem X 22.1%

Jimis Punch 18.7%

Blue Brick Road

Board Wax 24%

Gastro Pop 23.7%

Happy Camper 18.9%

Lemon Sugar 16%

3.5g For $25 (2)

Chocolate OG 3.5 31.8%

All 420 Pre-rolls- $5

3.5g For $25 (3)

Garlic Icing (H) 19.4%

Unicorn Poop (H) 19.4%

38 Special (H) 24.6%

Jade mint (H) 24.1%

Detroit Runtz

Banana OG

Headband mem loss


Hybrid 25.8% TAC

Iced Lemonade

Sativa 35.8% TAC

Grown locally premium grade cannabis

All our products are grown and produced locally in Massachusetts. Support local businesses and check out their great work.

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